Tamara Sagar

Ibu Rumah Tangga

So glad we have an international level Dentist in Semarang.

Me and my husband have been visiting I’m dental specialist clinic since almost 9 nine years.

My experience with Dr Indriati Martasaputra, Sp.Ort, has always been pleasant……both professionally and personally.

Professionally, as a Dr/doctors/ dentist, she is an expert, confident and clear what needs to be done. She works with precision and her expert hands don’t Let us feel the pain.

Dentist visit is definitely NOT a torture with her …

Personally, she is a very warm, and very welcoming person ….and …. Instanly puts the patients at ease.

Her smiling face and humble attitude definitely is something that brings us back to her, without hesitation.

I got my teeth trouble just about 6 weeks back…….so I have been showing it to Dr Indriati Martasaputra.

So glad, we have an international level Dentist in Semarang…

Can shower teeth more to smile now.
Thank you

My husband have been visiting the doctor since last four to five years. I have got cavity filling, general teeth maintenance.

Dr Indriati Martasaputra, Sp.Ort is highly educated, knowledgeable and professional. She explains clearly, now the treatments is done. She properly clarifies all the queries.

I put forward regarding my concern and apprehension. I have complete faith in her for the treatments.

All the equipments are latest in the clinic and the place is cozy and clean.